Amplifier Circuit Schematics

Discontinued Ernie Ball / Music Man Amps

Chassis Number GIF format (Zipped) Acrobat PDF format
HD-500 Edition 1 Edition One Schematics PDF
HD-500 Edition 2 Edition Two Schematics PDF

Pre Ernie Ball Amps

These ampifiers were designed, manufactured, and sold by the Music Man Company prior to Ernie Ball, Inc. acquiring Music Man.

Chassis Number GIF format (Zipped) Acrobat PDF format
1600-B 1600-b.pdf
1650-RD 1650-rd.pdf
2100-65 2100-65.pdf
2100-75 2100-75.pdf
2100-130 2100-130.pdf
2100-150 2100-150.pdf
2100-B 2100-b.pdf
2165-RD and 2100-RD 2165-rd_& 2165-rd_&_2100-rd.pdf
2165-RP and 2100-RP 2165-rp_& 2165-rp_&_2100-rp.pdf
2475-65 and 2275-65 2475-65_& 2475-65_&_2275-65.pdf
2475-75 and 2275-75 2475-75_& 2475-75_&_2275-75.pdf
2475-130 and 2275-130 2475-130_& 2475-130_&_2275-130.pdf
2475-150 and 2275-150 2475-150_& 2475-150_&_2275-150.pdf