Which strings do you use at the factory to string up your guitars?

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The Ernie Ball strings we use on all of our guitars is as follows:

Silhouette, Silhouette Special, and Silhouette Gold Roller: RPS-9 Slinkys (9-42) catalog #2239

Silhouette Double Neck: 6 string uses RPS-9 Slinkys (9-42) catalog #2239; 12 string uses EB Nickel Wound 12-String Light catalog #2233

Axis: RPS-9 Slinkys (9-42) catalog #2239

Axis SuperSport with DiMarzio humbuckers: RPS-9 Slinkys (9-42) catalog #2239

Axis SuperSport with MM-90 pickups: RPS-10 Slinky (10-46) catalog #2240

Steve Morse and Steve Morse Y2D: 10-13-16 (all RPS)-26-32-42, available in single strings only

Albert Lee: 10-13-16 (all RPS)-26-36-46 available in single strings only

Luke, Luke 3, BFR Luke, BFR Luke 3: RPS-9 Slinkys (9-42) catalog #2239 

John Petrucci 6 (Including BFR, JPX, JPXI, JP12, JP13, JP15 and Majesty): RPS-10 Slinkys (10-46) catalog #2240

The John Petrucci 7-string guitar (including BFR 7, JPX 7, JPXI 7, JP12 7, JP13 7, JP15 7 and Majesty 7) RPS-10 Slinkys (10-46) with an added .56 nickelwound for the low B string. To build this set, use catalog #2240 with an added catalog #1156.

The John Petrucci Baritone: 12(RPS)-16(RPS)-22p- 34-46-62 available in single strings only. 

Reflex and Reflex Game Changer: RPS-10 Slinky (10-46) Catalog #2240

Benji Madden: 12-16-(RPS) - 24w-32-42-52 available in single strings only

SUB-1 guitar: RPS-9 Slinkys (9-42) catalog #2239

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