Can you run piezo equipped guitars both mono and stereo?

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The Music Man models with piezo are designed to run out to two separate systems. That's what we consider the best option - the magnetic pickups are routed to a dedicated electric guitar rig and the piezo output is routed to a dedicated acoustic rig or perhaps the pa. To do this, you can either use both outputs at once with mono cables or you can run a single stereo cable out of the "magnetic/stereo" output and use a stereo-to-mono splitter box. Then, you take each respective lead where it is to go. Or, instead of running the piezo signal through the house mains, you could use an acoustic amplifier first and then run it to the house mains - or not.

Of course, you can always utilze the "piezo/mono" output jack with a mono cable out to your normal guitar amp by itself - but to get the full potential of the piezo bridge, we recommend running it through separate systems as described above.

For the Majesty:

To select mono or stereo output on the Majesty, press and hold the Piezo volume knob, the signal will mute and return, and the output will alternate between mono and stereo. When the signal returns, the LED on the battery box as well as the signal will pulse once for Mono or twice for Stereo. (This "pulsing" also happens every time the instrument is plugged in, so the user knows the output setting upon startup).

The trick here is to keep holding the knob. The length time from initial press, to mute, to signal again is about 7-10 seconds, and is this long to ensure during live play, the function is not accidentally activated.

If at any time the knob is released before the signal returns, the instrument will exit the function with no changes made to the output.

In Mono mode you are able to access both the piezo and magnetic cables through one mono cable to one amp.

Once in stereo mode you are able to use a TRS or stereo cable from the Majesty to another device that will allow you to split the signal to two mono cables, one for piezo and one for magnetic.

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