What is the best way to hook up one of your guitars equipped with the piezo bridge?

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The Music Man models with piezo are designed to run out to two separate systems. That's what we consider the best option - the electric goes through the regular on-stage rig and the piezo runs direct through the house mains. To do this, you can either use both outputs at once with mono cables or you can run a single stereo cable out of the "magnetic/stereo" output and use a stereo-to-mono splitter box. Then, you take each respective lead where it is to go. Or, instead of running the piezo signal through the house mains, you could use an acoustic amplifier first and then run it to the house mains - or not.

Of course, you can always just run the signal out of the "piezo/mono" output jack and have it run to to a standard guitar amp and mix the signal on your guitar alone - but to get the real potential of the piezo bridge, we know that running it through separate systems as described above works best.

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