The Silhouette Bass: Is this bass a true 6 string bass or is it a Baritone guitar?

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The Silhouette bass is probably best described as a hybrid bass and guitar.

It has a 29 5/8" scale which is almost halfway between a guitar and bass scale length. It is tuned E-E a full octave lower than a guitar and uses all wound strings from .20 to .90 gauge. In some applications, it could not be used the same way as a long scale 6-string bass, but with the 10 different switching configurations it does have a very wide range of tonal characteristics from a nice bass tone to a great higher-pitched tone such as lower notes on a guitar. It is even suitable for playing some chords. It is tuned like a guitar, only an octave lower. It is also available strung as a baritone guitar, tuned from A-A.