Should excessive heat be avoided?

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It's not a good idea to subject your instrument to extreme or sudden changes in temperature or humidity for many reasons. It can cause structural and cosmetic problems, so take every precaution to avoid it. We go to great lengths to build a very SOLID instrument, but wood is wood, it warps under sudden heating/cooling and tension, and heat is very bad for glue joints. The hotter it gets, and the longer it stays that way, the more likely you will have problems.

If you do happen to leave the instrument in a very hot, cold, dry or humid environment you'll want to allow it to acclimate to a normal temperature/humidity slowly. Leave the instrument in its case while it acclimates. Don't put it in front of an air conditioner or heater, etc. Do not make any radical adjustments to the instrument until it cools down. Once it has normalized, check it over. If there are no signs of apparent damage you are probably fine and there is no need to worry. If there are problems please contact customer service.
Last modified on Tuesday, 29 September 2015 13:21