I see that your basses have been shipping out with a different kind of nut. What is it and what is its purpose?

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The new nut is called a Compensated Nut. We have a patent on this design.

The purpose of this new nut design is to improve note accuracy all over the fretboard. This is most apparent at the lower frets.

There is no special tuner, setup, or intonation required.

This nut is standard on all Music Man guitars and basses - even SUBs.

The Compensated Nut has been engineered to improve your Music Man instrument's potential to play perfectly in tune up an down the fretboard. Each string has an individual intonation pocket that slightly changes the effective string length, causing notes that traditionally play sharp to be more in tune.

The design has been optimized for standard string gauges and tunings, but will be of benefit when used with alternate tunings, string gauges, and playing styles.