How long does the battery last? Can I use rechargeable 9-volt batteries for my Music Man bass? Lithium?

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Average alkaline battery life is 6 months. We recommend Duracell batteries as replacements mostly due to size inconsistencies between battery manufacturers. Do not leave your bass plugged in when you have finished playing, as this will drain your battery faster. Battery life of course depends on how often and how long you play. When the sound of your bass becomes distorted, it's ready for a new battery.

We do not recommend rechargeable batteries for replacement in Music Man instruments for 2 reasons:

1. They do not put out enough voltage (at least 8.4 volts) to properly run the instruments. NiCad and NiMh "9-volt" batteries, even when fully charged, put out a maximum of 7.2 volts.

2. Even if they did work, rechargeable batteries only hold a charge for 1-3 months. Alkaline batteries, when fresh, can go 6 months or longer. We recommend Duracell for a good fit.

We do not recommend lithium batteries for the opposite reason, they tend to have a slightly higher voltage.  

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