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Blame the Auto-Dialer

Written by  Sterling Ball
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Where did we forget to remember things? I trace it back to the auto basically had to remember peoples phone number. I resisted for a long time but put the stuff in my cell phone and let that part of my brain become dormant......that part of my brain sits on the couch with a bag of Oreo's. Maybe it was the calculator? Yeah...thats it I used to be able to ad and multiply...OK I still can do margins. The math part is sitting on the same couch with a bag of Cheetos.

Now the most disturbing ones of all. You Tube and cell phone cameras. Now what we are buying a bigger couch so the part of your brain that used to capture memories and experiences is buying ice cream.

I went to see Joe Bonamassa and got to sit above the mixing console and there had to be a hundred amateur cinematographers and young Spielbergs. It's a balancing act for them between staying through the encore or rushing home not to beat the traffic but to be the first to post on You Tube.

I love You Tube... i love my cell phone camera. But, (there is always a but) understand that you probably wont be able to let your mind enhance an experience and make your memories greater than it was. You will also understand that there will be fewer and fewer off the cuff comments or candor. The artist will approach everything they do with caution because everything is on the record. Bummer.

My best friend sat in with an artist recently...just brought his guitar. I was there. It was special... The crowd loved it. Until the you tube was posted. Here was a wonderful player plugging directly in to a strange amp and stepping into the headliners kitchen. One of the many people with the cell phones were right in front of my pals amp....the mix was awful and the people posted multiple videos and the comments were so mean it was a shame. My friend will not sit in unless it is planned and he has his rig. He cant afford the bad internet press.

There used to be a TV version with comedians and the live version....They are now the same. We gained a camera but lost a channel.

I refuse to give up this part of my brain. I will make a promise that I will always watch with my eyes and not thought the screen of an iphone. I will look for a day when there are special performances that are unique and special.

How much should we let technology affect chance and inspiration? At least now you know.
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