After more than 3 decades, Ernie Ball Music Man is proud to announce the reintroduction of the HD and RD series of Music Man guitar amplifiers! These new Music Man amplifiers are faithful recreations of the popular and coveted vintage Music Man models, from the golden era of amplifier design.

The new line is carefully designed in Italy, by one of the world's leading amplifier designers: Marco de Virgiliis, of Markbass and DV Mark.

Available models include the HD-130 Head, the 412 GS Cabinet, the RD50 1x12 Combo amp, and the HD-130 2x12 Combo amp. Take a look. We're sure to have the best guitar amp for you.

"I use and love Markbass...they are light as a feather, powerful, and nothing sounds as good as them. I am so excited to see Marco and his team faithfully recreate the amps that a previous genius Tommy Walker helped create."

- Sterling Ball

"This brand already went down in history! Not one history, a crossed destiny of two great brands: It is the ultimate passion and professionalism coming back together!"

- Marco De Virgiliis

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